Welcome! We are so glad to be launching Deephaven Design, a a labor of love three years in the making!

After years spent remodeling homes as a part-time family business, straddling structural needs (framing, plumbing, and electrical updates) with finishing design woodwork (custom wainscoting, architectural ceiling features, etc.), our desire to focus
on the design side won out and Deephaven Design Studio was recently born.

Our Chief Artisan and founder, Kevin, spends an abundance of time first sourcing live edge wood slabs (and sometimes entire trees!) that have unique features and “personalities.” From there, he designs each piece individually, incorporating glass, resin, and metal elements to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art and furniture that we hope will inspire you as much as the process has inspired us.

As a budding family endeavor, our son Jack is a skilled artist with tremendous talent and a passion for welding and metal working. He focuses on creating the custom metal work components for each piece, from stunning brushed aluminum frames for art pieces to table legs and other design hardware for furniture pieces.  

the source of our inspiration

Deephaven Design Studio is located on the water's edge of Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. While thousands of miles from either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, we are surrounded by more shoreline than California.  The dense forests bordering Canada, river valleys, and diversity of lake and river ecosystems provide for incredible natural inspiration.